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            Applicant: XXX  Program: Magister Juris (LAW)

As one of the most outstanding students of the Department of Law of Peking University, I have achieved a special reputation and status among my peers on the strengths of my important research abilities and my personal talents. Apart from winning prizes and awards in various treatise-writing contests, I am presently the sole candidate from my department nominated to run for the Top Ten Most Outstanding Students of the University for 2003. Apart from my natural talents, perseverance and diligence are the only factors that I can think up to account for all the accolades and academic achievements I have made. I believe that everyone is created equal and only through extra efforts can there be extra rewards.

Currently, I am a senior student of Peking University, arguably the best university in finance and economics in China. What is special about my program is that my study of law has been closely integrated with finance and economics. This makes it possible for me to establish a solid foundation across those three fields. Naturally, courses in economics, finance and in law such as Accounting, Money and Banking, Macroeconomics and Microeconomics, Company Law, Insurance Law, Maritime Law, Taxation Law, Case Study of Contract Law, Financial Law, International Trade Law, Public International Law, International Economic Law, and Assets Evaluation are the subjects that have fascinated me most and in which I have excelled most. My strong background in mathematics has led me to perform particularly well in economics-related courses. This is why I can achieve the top 5 ranking in the entire grade in terms of overall academic performance. Moreover, I self-studied American Securities Law and Financial Analysis, which exposed me to international trade and international financial operations.

I have the habit to reflect on and study the issues in the real world, a penchant that has led me to undertake research-oriented projects on a number of topics. My social investigation report last summer, entitled A Corner Neglected by the Reform of State-Owned Enterprise, won the third prize at the treatise-writing contest in our university for the summer social practice. My paper, The Protection of the Rights of the Employees in State-owned Enterprises, was awarded Excellence Prize at the Mingtai-Cup national treatise-writing contest, under the subject of “Rule of Law, Human Rights, and the Duty of the Lawyer”, jointly sponsored and launched by Mingtai Law Firm and Legal System Daily Newspaper Office. Only three undergraduates won this honor throughout China. In addition, I have tried to keep myself abreast with recent academic developments in my interested fields through various means. I attended China’s First Financial, Economic and Legal Forum and participated in the discussions concerning banking industry and trust industry at the sub-forum on the financial law. I also attended a special training program on Case Study of Contract Law , and completed my training with a score of “A”.

Based on my study and research so far, I am now engaged in writing my graduation thesis—The Impact of E-commerce on China’s Financial Law and its Countermeasures. E-commerce and digitalized finance will be the inevitable trends of Chinese economic development and those brand-new means of transaction are bound to pose many challenges to China’s conventional systems of trade, finance, financial monitoring and regulation, taxation and law. Starting from the premises of law, I will offer in-depth analysis of those issues. My tentative conclusion is that China’s present Internet legislations based only on the registration of domain names and network security are far from being the true legislation of E-commerce. The legislation regarding the Internet financial industry should be the first priority.

As a student of law, I have done some important internship in my specialized area to accumulate practice experiences. I acted as assistant lawyer at the Law Firm of Changchun City of Jilin Province, responsible for codifying legal documents. I also worked as a part-time correspondent for the Economic Edition of the Legal System Daily, specifically in charge of covering the trials of economic cases. While serving as a volunteer at the Chinese Law Channel, I exchanged and cooperated with Mr. John Black, an American financial analyst, and with Mr. Justin, a legal specialist on Internet. Having gained a comprehensive understanding of the effect of Internet on international trade and finance, I developed an interest in studying the application of law to the digitalized finance. Obviously, to study this subject and other related subjects, an international academic environment will be absolutely necessary.

My interest in law and in finance, combined with the practices and the research I have done, makes it very natural for me to apply for an advanced degree program from your esteemed university. Economic globalization and financial integration have obviously facilitated China’s economic development, but they have also exposed some of the fundamental differences between China and the West in terms of social systems and value concepts. Frictions have also been created. One essential purpose of my pursuing an international education in the UK is to study and to reduce those differences, at least those culturally-defined differences, so as to discover institutional and legal approaches whereby trade frictions can be decreased. In this way, China’s legal system can be integrated with that of the West without undermining our national interests. This constitutes a historical subject for China.

As I am interested in studying the law related to international finance and trade, I would like to focus on the following areas in my proposed program: international banking and financial law, global comparative financial law, international dispute settlement, competition law, and European Community law. I am prepared to carry out extensive coursework in those fields.

After gaining in-depth knowledge concerning the legal environment of the international financial market, I would undertake major comparative research between China’s financial laws and those of the E.U. and other regions and countries. The impact of international financial market on China’s financial laws and the countermeasures that China should adopt will also come within my scope of interest. Furthermore, I hope to extend the research on the legal challenges posed by digitalized finance that I am doing for my thesis. By probing into the legal measures taken by the UK and other E.U. countries in handling their digitalized finance, I wish to explore the means of legislation and the kind of legal environment appropriate for China’s digitalized finance.

China is experiencing an on-going construction of its market economy and legal system. The areas I choose to specialize in for my academic program and for my future career represent the prospects of China’s development for decades to come. My career objective is become a well-trained international economic jurist. My past education has given me a perfect foundation for pursuing this objective. I am very much convinced that my continued efforts in this direction will lead me to where I want to go.



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