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Personal Statement

                    Personal Statement

A written personal statement indicating, by month, all education, employment and other activities when you were not a full-time student, beginning with your secondary school attendance up to now This statement must be signed by you and is required to account for any period of time not included on your application.

My secondary education is as rewarding as it is colorful, making me fully prepared for an international college education. This is because both on the academic level and in extracurricular activities, I have laid a sound foundational for my more fruitful intellectual and personal growth in the future.

In July 1996, I was enrolled into the Experimental Middle School Attached to Beijing Normal University (consisting of the junior middle school and senior middle school), which is a key middle school directly affiliated to Chinese Ministry of Education. For three years until July 1999, I studied mathematics, Chinese, English, Physics, Chemistry, Political Science, History, Geography, Aesthetics, Physical Education, Computer and Music, excelling in almost all of the courses. I built on my academic excellence in my elementary school and further developed my academic aptitudes, qualifying me for senior middle school education.

In those three years, I performed important extracurricular responsibilities. I was the monitor of the class, the chairperson of the student union. On account of my distinguished academic performance, I was given the honor of Student of Academic Excellence for the Academic Year of 1996 to 1997. In November 1996, I became a member of the GLOBE (Global Learning and Observations to Benefit the Environment) program, an international environmental and educational program launched by former vice president of the United States Al-Gore and implemented in a number of carefully selected elementary and middle schools worldwide. Together with other team members, I made regular geological and environmental observations in Beijing on weekends and during summer and winter vacations and sent the data through the Internet to the GLOBE Data Processing Center in Boulder, Colorado, U.S.A. where scientists generated graphs, diagrams, and pictures that explained the global environmental conditions. And when Mr. Al-Gore came to visit our school to inspect how the program was being implemented, I reported the progress of the program to Mr. Gore in fluent English. Other important activities included being a member of the student chorus of our school from Sept. 1997 to July 1999, spending four hours each week practicing, rehearsing and participating in various competitions. During the summer vacation of 1998, I went on an exchange program with an Australian middle school and was exposed to an English-speaking country, its culture and education for the first time in my life. This experience motivated me to seek an international education.

In June 1996, through qualifying examinations, I entered the Senior Middle School (or the High School). After spending the summer vacation from July to August that year, I undertook my formal high school education from Sept. xxxx to July 20xx. The courses I studied included Chinese, Mathematics, English, Physics, Chemistry, Political Science, History, Geography, Biology, Aesthetics, Physical Education, Computer, Music, Chemical Experiments, Physics Experiments, Biological Experiments. With sustained academic excellence, I was ranked top 5% in the entire grade and 1% in my class, my GPA being 93 on a 100-point grading scale. I excelled particularly in mathematics, thus I participated in the Beijing Spring Mathematics Olympiad Contest and won the 1st tier. I was twice honored an Student of Academic Excellence in the Academic Year of 20xx to 20xx and of 20xx to 20xx. In the Academic Year of 20xx to 20xx, I received the Good Behavior Student Award.

During my high school, I was even more active in extracurricular activities. From Sept. xxxx to July 20xx, several classmates and I formed a mathematics coaching team, helping six junior middle school students with their mathematics lessons after school and on weekends. In March 20xx, I investigated the consumer credit of Beijing residents as part of a course project launched by our school. I used various measures including sampling and questionnaires to obtain valuable data and based on my research findings I submitted an article Calling for Consumer Credit to Beijing Evening Post. In July 20xx, as a student correspondent, I traveled with our school principal and other students to a remote mountain village outside Beijing to donate books, computers and stationery to local elementary schools. I interviewed some school kids and wrote stories of the trip, making all the students in our school realize that there are many people in this world who are not so fortunate and are in bad need of help. From November 20xx to May 20xx, I launched an English publication in my grade, and along with several of my classmates, I edited, designed the format and printed the publication, inviting students to write articles on international events, their English learning experiences and lessons. This publication considerably enhanced the students’ initiative to learn English.

For three consecutive years, I continued to be the monitor of my class and the chairperson of the student union. I organized a series of important campus events, including the celebrations of our school’s 80th anniversary. Through those activities, I improved my organizational, planning, and interpersonal communication skills. In addition, I became the vice leader and lead singer of student chorus from Sept. xxxx to July 20xx and led the chorus participate in contests at our school district and in Beijing municipality, winning first and second prizes respectively. From August 20xx to June 20xx, I was a private English tutor to several players of China National Basketball Team. From May 20xx to April 20xx, I served as volunteer for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and in July and August of 20xx the “Rainbow” volunteer for the 21st Universiade in Beijing. I put on a table tennis show for Dr. Kissinger to mark the 30th anniversary of Sino-U.S. Ping-Pong Diplomacy in April 20xx.

Completing my high school education in China in July 20xx, I went on to pursue an international education in Canada. From August to December 20xx, I received intensive English language training at Columbia College, Canada. I took three courses—Integrated Skills (Writing, Reading, Listening, & Presentation), Current Events (discussing current events from newspapers, TV programs, etc), and Academic Writing—and my overall evaluation was “Very Good.” From January to April 20xx, I transferred to Langara College, Canada and started my undergraduate program in Commerce and Business Administration. With straight A’s in all the three courses I took, Economics, Mathematics (Calculus I) and Mathematics (Calculus II), I achieved a 4.0/4.0 GPA, with the highest scores in mathematics in the entire class. I also studied English (Language and Composition), which was a “non-credits and non-transferable” course. I returned to China in May 20xx and stayed at home until June, spending time with my parents and visiting my former teachers and classmates. From July to Sept., I did an internship at KPMG HuaZhen Certified Public Accountants (CHINA). My responsibilities included working as project assistant (participating in Stock Ownership Transformation for China Construction Bank) and as customer service coordinator (participating in audit affairs of a telecommunication company).

Returning to Canada in Sept. 20xx, I re-switched to Columbia College to continue with my undergraduate education in Commerce and Business Administration. For the rest of the year, I took three courses, Microeconomics, English and Sociology, winning a total of 9 credits. In the semester from January to April 20xx, I am taking four courses: Philosophy 113, Philosophy 213, Economics 105 and English 108, adding another 12 credits. In the semester from May to August, I will continue to take relevant courses in my major.

At Columbia College and Langara College, I have continued to play a leadership role and to enrich the student community. As a member of Student Activity Committee in charge of organizing extracurricular events, I launched two major events—International Day in November 20xx and Food Bank from November to December The first event enabled international students at Columbia College to know their respective cultures and to deepen their understandings of one another. The second event was part of the campaign by Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society and I myself undertook the work of a food runner, colleting quality food donated from hotels, restaurants, cafeterias, and schools and delivering it to meal providing agencies. Apart from contributing to local charity work, I have become part of the local culture and I am proud of the role I have performed as an international student.

From September 20xx, I have been acting as president of Scientific Group in Columbia College. The purpose of setting up the Group is to hold seminars at which students discuss scientific topics they are interested in so that they can learn in a group atmosphere. The seminar is held regularly each week and as president I devote 4 hour each week performing my duties. At my invitation, our sociology teacher gave two lectures on western bureaucracy and on global stratification. We have also held group discussions on microeconomics and macroeconomics. I organized an English learning forum for international students.

Since August 20xx, I have undertaken a spate of voluntary services on weekends, holidays and vacations. I was a volunteer of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind (CNIB) from Oct. 20xx to April 20xx, assistant in Vancouver Art Gallery since Oct. 20xx, a Sunday church volunteer since December 20xx, a volunteer of Green up/Clean Up Committee (keeping Joyce Street clean and attending plants from January to December 20xx, a multilingual information and referral worker in January 20xx, a pianist in Fellburn Care Center since January 20xx-present, a volunteer of 20xx World Weightlifting Companionship in November 20xx, and an orientation leader in January 20xx.

Both China and Canada are two great countries in the world and I am very grateful to those two great countries for having given me some of the best education I can expect in the world. I cherish all the opportunities that have been presented to me and those opportunities have allowed me to develop my intellectual capacity as well as my personal character. I have learned to seek personal excellence while caring for the well being of my fellow creatures. Those qualities and many more are what I wish to develop at the University of Western Ontario, an institution that will help me attain a high level of maturity both as a student and as a person.



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