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普 通 型 推 荐 信 范 例
Dear Admissions Officers:

In my capacity as professor with the Law School of Peking University, I deem it a considerable pleasure to offer my most unreserved endorsement of Ms. XXX xx who is currently applying for entry into your prestigious LLM program. Ms. XXX perfectly exemplifies how a student with academic trainings in areas other than law can succeed in pursuing excellence in law studies and in developing superb qualities for a legal career through determination, stamina and commitment. She has been passionate about law much more than anybody else I have seen.

I made my acquaintance with Ms. XXX in early 20XX when she, as an auditor, attended a couple of courses I was delivering in order to prepare for the Chinese Bar Exams. With strong motivation and academic initiative, she studied the courses much more conscientiously than regular students. As a beginner, she was keenly aware of her deficiencies in legal training and was most prepared to make whatever necessary efforts to make up for those deficiencies. Indeed, she doubled her efforts in the true sense of the phrase—keeping up with the progression of the course contents while assimilating necessary foundational knowledge. She did this through sheer willpower, reading a considerable number of related books and consulting me whenever she had questions about the issues she did not fully understand. This conscientious attitude was what I appreciated most.

Although at first she could not actively participate in group discussions, she was obviously dissatisfied with simply listening to the views and arguments of other students. She tried her best to become a contributing member of the class. At one point, I required students to do a case study on property right and lien. In her presentation, Ms. XXX skillfully applied her knowledge of logic—how to support or contradict an argument, how to identify logical fallacies, and how to recognize red herrings—to legal issues. As it turned out, her compelling logic and sound critical reasoning really distinguished her from her fellow students. She also demonstrated her strong abilities in discriminating different legal concepts and appropriately applying legal provisions. In the aforesaid Bar Exams that year, Ms. XXX performed exceedingly well, even though it was her very first attempt for such challenging exams. This success fully testifies to her strong intellectual caliber and to her ability to achieve incessant progress through dedicated self-study. From then on, I no longer entertained any doubt about her full potential for academic and professional success in the field of law.

Considering the fact that Ms. XXX pursued all those legal trainings while she was still on the job, her achievement was all the more commendable, which would have been impossible without that complete commitment. As a matter of fact, such a commitment has characterized her endeavors over the past two years. She would seek my mentoring whenever she encountered legal issues in her work and as long as she could afford the time she would spend hours traveling all the way to Peking University to audit my courses. In the due course, she has laid a solid and comprehensive foundation in all major fields of law and her persistence, adamant will, and the courage to face all challenges are what I see as requisite qualities of any outstanding legal professional.

In her continuous self-exertions, Ms. XXX attended Peking University summer graduate course “Corporate Governance and Financing—Cutting-edge Theories and Practices in China”. As the instructor of the course, I had further opportunities to have in-depth discussions with her. I found her understanding of law to be quite comprehensive and deep-going, enabling her to approach various legal issues from the perspectives and methods of other academic disciplines. When analyzing the dilemmas and their possible solutions in China’s Growth Enterprises Market, Ms. XXX had access to a wealth of information and statistics from the library and the Internet which she incorporated into her term paper. By applying interdisciplinary approach of psychology and economics, she probed into the problems facing the market and proposed shortest path in Operations Research as the solution to the problems, whose innovativeness and validity impressed the entire class, including myself.

I would describe Ms. XXX as outstanding in logical analysis, original insights, reading technical literature in English and examining issues independently and critically. She is already well on her way to becoming a high-performing and high-achieving legal professional, and all that she needs is more systematic academic training through your esteemed LLM program. I am convinced she is well-grounded, well-prepared and fully-qualified and her special backgrounds, powerful intelligence, as well as her perseverance will make her a valuable addition to your excellent student community. Your favorable consideration of the application of this wonderful young lady will be highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely,

XXX xx

Professor, Law School of Peking University
Tel: 86-xxxxxx
E-mail: xxxxx@gmail.com


我欣然命笔,谨以北京大学法学院教授的身份,为XXX 女士提供完全的背书,愿助其一臂之力,成功进入贵校攻读LLM课程。XXX女士完美地彰显着一名在法律领域未曾受过专业学术训练的学生,如何能够籍由坚强之信念,刚毅之努力,以及精诚之使命,成功达致法律学习的卓越水准,并培养起法律职业生涯所需的各种出色的个人品质。她于法律的激情投入,据我所观察,未有出其右者。


        虽然她起初无法活跃地加入到集体讨论之中,但看得出来,她并不满足于仅仅倾听他人的论辩与论点, 而要竭力成为班级中有所贡献的一员。授课过程中,我曾要求学生就物权与留置权展开案例分析。在其发言报告中,XXX女士娴熟地将其逻辑知识应用于法律问题——如何支持或反驳某一论点,如何指出逻辑漏洞,以及如何识别熏鲱等。随着时间的推移,她严谨的逻辑,以及出色的批判性论证能力,使其真正有别于其他同学。此外,她也展现出很强的能力,来分辨各种微妙的法律概念,并适用恰当的法律条款。在上述所提到的当年那次律师资格考试中,XXX女士的表现甚为优秀,即使那是她首次参加如此富有挑战性的考试。这一成功充分证明了她极高的智力,以及通过持之以恒的自学而不断获取进步的能力。自那时起,我对其在法律领域中获得学术与职业成功的充分潜能,不再怀有丝毫的疑虑。


        在她持续不断的自我努力过程中,XXX女士今夏还参加了北京大学暑期研究生课程“公司治理与融资: 理论前沿与中国实践”。作为该课程主讲老师,我得以有更多的机会与她深入交流与探讨。我发现她对法律的理解相当全面深入,使她能够借助其它学科的视角及方法来处理种种法律问题。在剖析中国创业板市场所面临的困境及其因应之道时,XXX女士从图书馆与互联网上查阅了 的数据与资料,将其融入到其学期论文中。她采用心理学与经济学的跨学科方法,探讨了这一市场所面临的问题。并提出应用运筹学中的最短路径最为解决问题的方法,其创新性与有效性令整个班级为之刮目相看,包括我本人在内。



X x x



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