留学文书的种类:嘉文博译“推荐信”/Recommendation Letter范例(II)
问 答 型 推 荐 信 范 例 - I

Part 1: Relationship
What is your relationship to, and how long have you known the applicant? Is this person still employed by your organization? If not, when did he/she depart? (How long and in what capacity have you known the applicant?)

In my capacity as Senior Architect and Director of Technology with Merrill Lynch, a top-tier global investment bank, I would like to offer my utmost support to Rachel in her efforts to gain acceptance into your prestigious graduate business program. I made my acquaintance with her since mid 20XX, when I relocated to Hong Kong Office from London Office and we started working closely on two major projects—developing a platform MLInvest and a trading system called Quartz. Although she resigned from Merrill Lynch this April, I have been maintaining regular contacts with her and following her career developments and aspirations. Having been in the industry for decades, I would characterize Rachel as a highly motivated individual, with effective leadership and powerful initiatives, able to accomplish important responsibilities through sound people skills. Hence, she is legitimately a most worthy candidate for your outstanding program.

Part 2: Strengths
Please compare the applicant's performance to that of his/her peers. Does the applicant have the potential to become a senior manager?

Those two projects were global in nature and with her trading experiences in Asia-Pacific region and around the entire globe—US, London, Japan, Singapore, Australia, etc, she was a valued addition to our team in designing the calculation logics of the market making system in MLInvest and Quartz. As the Structured Products Department is a relatively new division, in undertaking the projects, we faced major challenges—the absence of a complete database for all the products issued and need to develop a brand-new database from scratches. To make matters worse, no teams we consulted, ranging from middle offices to back offices, offered constructive information as to where and how to start. That’s what made Rachel’s ingenious solution so valuable: she proposed we could refer to some existing database created by teams in other regions. Later, she helped us work out a schedule of how to maintain relevant product information by regions and where these data could be located.

Part 3: Comparison among peers
How do the applicant’s personal or professional characteristics stand out positively or negatively from others who are in a similar capacity?

Her contributions, creative and crucial, significantly saved us time and labor and the creation of the database facilitated the successful completion of the entire project. Through this project, I was most impressed by her initiative, her determination to face challenges, and the passion for success. In addition, considering the short time she worked with Merrill and her extensive knowledge about the operations, she must have been a fast and smart learner. Compared with her peers, Rachel has demonstrated much more impressive mental intelligence and professional maturity. She is also disciplined and well-organized, with unmistakable potential to be an effective senior manager.

Part 4: Interpersonal skills
How effective are the applicant's interpersonal skills in working with peers, supervisors and subordinates?

Working in a big team under an international environment, Rachel showed superb communication skills. She provided market making services to clients in Asia-Pacific region, worked with trading desks around the globe, and kept liaison contacts with front office and back office. In dealing with such wide diversity of working relationships, she has invariably cut across cultural barriers to achieve effective communication. Whether working with sales personnel, traders, or operations staff, she maintained productive and friendly relations with them. In collaborating with our technology team, she was both a constructive team player and an active listener. At weekly sessions, Rachel collected useful feedbacks from sales and trading desks across the region and forwarded them to our team, together with her tentative solutions, which we incorporated in the MLInvest platform. In making her presentations, she was logical, succinct, and pertinent. On many key issues, such as the pricing and trading mechanism of the online platform, she would have in-depth discussions. She played a pivotal role in coordinating our team with related teams and departments, producing wonderful synergic effects.

Part 5: Impacts
Please give an example of the applicant's impact on a person, group, or organization.

Rachel produced a most positive impact on our group as an effective problem solver. Having uploaded all the previous products into the system for pricing, we faced yet another challenge—how to add the latest information of products pricing and create the proper setup in a timely manner. Initially the trading desks were responsible for the setup, but due to their limited resources, the setup was repeatedly delayed, triggering increasing complaints on the part of the clients. Rachel called a meeting where she proposed a new procedure. Instead of on a daily basis, the sales trading team would provide a full list of products issued on a weekly basis which could allow us to automate the upload process. This significantly reduced workload for all the teams involved, improving our operation efficiency without sacrificing the validity of the information. I must say that we could not have surmounted the challenge without her brilliant idea, along with all her specific implementation and communication efforts.

Part 6: Flaws
Please describe the most important piece of constructive feedback you have given the applicant. Please detail the circumstances and the applicant's response.

Being sensitive and conscientious, Rachel was always on the alert for constructive feedback to improve her performance. When discussing with a senior manager from a trading desk concerning the problems inherent in the existing platform, I pointed out that the short-term perspectives of the Merrill management in HK caused the platform and the credit control seriously underdeveloped and that business leaders and decision makers should see things in a broader picture. My statement, though not targeted at Rachel, was treated by her as a worthy frame of reference for her own work. From then on I found her consciously taking a long-term perspective when addressing problems and she would not let a problem go without diagnosing its root cause and striving for its in-depth solution. In so doing, she put her in a senior managerial situation and endeavored to evolve essential qualities requisite for such a position of responsibility.

Part 7: Others
Please make additional statements about the applicant's performance, potential, or personal qualities you believe would be helpful to the Graduate Business School Admissions Board.

With her excellent education background in two world-class institutions and her years of working experience at leading financing institutions in the financial capital of Asia, Rachel enjoys unlimited career prospects as a financial professional. It is simply a matter of time she ascend the corporate ladder and take up important positions. What I appreciate is that she has already taken concrete steps to prepare for a managerial career by making the right decision at the right time. Her present application for your premier MBA program will be an indispensible step in helping her achieve her objective. Your education will enable her to cope with changing challenges of the global business world effectively. Apart from specific business knowledge and skills, she will particularly improve her caliber in people management and in decision making. Compared with her peers, Rachel has already demonstrated distinctive qualities in leadership, intelligence, and personal drive for career success. Your vibrant academic community, with its thought-provoking faculty and stimulating student body, will consistently expand her international perspective and enrich her learning experience.

In the wake of the financial crisis, the market conditions in Asia have been deteriorating but Rachel worked together with her organization to pull out of the crisis. I appreciate her professional commitment. As she keeps maturing through your MBA program and as our organization improves its performance, we will be able to offer her ample space for career growth. Speaking on behalf of her former colleagues, we wish her best in all her undertakings and will be looking forward to her return to Merrill Lynch to make ever-growing contributions. She can have my most unreserved recommendation and your favorable consideration of her application will be highly appreciated.

Yours sincerely

XXX xxx


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