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Dear Sir or Madam:

As a senior professor of the Institute of Building Environment and Equipment Engineering of Tsinghua University as well as supervisor of Miss XX’s Master program, I have an intimate knowledge of her intellectual aptitudes and research achievements. A student with tremendous potential, she is definitely one of my favorite students.

I made my acquaintance with Miss XXX in 20XX when she was just a junior undergraduate. When Prof. Zhang XXXeXXXe, a colleague of mine and a supervisor of Ph. D. programs in thermal energy, reported that a woman student named XXX Ying from our institute achieved the unprecedented high score of 99/100 in Heat Transfer, a course that he taught, I was deeply impressed. This 5-credit course is notorious for its difficulty, the average score being only 80/100. I immediately recruited her into my Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) Research Group and that was the first time when I ever recruited an undergraduate.

At the regular meetings of IAQ Group, Miss XXX demonstrated impressive enthusiasm for scientific research. As an undergraduate, she also exhibited powerful comprehension—she could understand the core of others’ researches very quickly. When she was a senior, I assigned her to collaborate with my doctorial student Mr. Cheng Tongbao on the project of studying the numerical solution of the VOC emission. Within one month, she completed the modeling of individual emission source and debugged the entire program. In addition, they conducted interior multi-source & multi-汇 studies.

In 20XX, Miss XXX’s thesis entitled Research on the Numerical Modeling of Interior VOCs Emission was rated as the best-written thesis of her specialty. A paper she co-authored with Mr. Cheng Tongbao was accepted for publication in 20XX by Atmospheric Environment, which can now be indexed by SCI. It has been rare for an undergraduate to have publications in our department. In 20XX, Miss XXX’s outstanding academic performance was paid off—she was allowed to undertake her Master’s program waived of entrance examination. I became her supervisor.

During her Master’s program, Miss XXX has further impressed me with her innovative spirit and rigorous analysis. In Sept. 20XX, just after the new semester began, Miss XXX told with me that a large quantity of technical literature she consulted during the summer vacation could not really uncover the essentials of the building materials’ VOCs emission because those literature ignored a lot of important factors due to mathematical oversimplification. She discussed with me the possibility of constructing a more universally applicable model and I encouraged her to have a try by procuring for her the sponsorship from China National Natural Science Foundation. Nevertheless, I had my own worries because the research required strong analytical ability, strong mathematical background, as well as computer programming and application skills. Miss XXX did not disappoint me. Within two months, she presented me with not only the research findings in written form but also a complete set of calculating programs and results. Based on this, we carried out further studies, ranging from the emission characteristics, simulation formulae , error analysis to the effect of various factors. At present, Miss XXX is constructing the experiment chamber to perform research on simulation experiments and on the parameters of the emission characteristics of the building materials.

In terms of the publication of research papers over the past two years, Miss XXX has been far ahead of her classmates. As far as I know, three of her papers have been indexed by SCI(another has been accepted to be published), one is indexed by EI, four at international conferences, several at domestic conferences and academic journals. In addition, the paper she presented (in collaboration with other authors) won China HVAC 20XX National Excellent Treatise Award. I believe she has unlimited research potential and the sheer volume of her publication is rather phenomenal.

In 20XX, Miss XXX served as my teaching assistant on two courses—Specialized English and Mass Transfer in Building Equipment. This allowed me to discover another important quality in her—dedication. She gave lively lessons, answered questions clearly and patiently, corrected assignments and administered tests responsibly.

Miss XXX’s outstanding academic performance has qualified her for a direct Ph. D. program and it has been my strong hope that she can embark on the program under my direction. But I sincerely respect her decision for a Ph. D. program at your esteemed university and am happy to see her pursue her ideals and broaden her horizons for the purpose of self-actualization. Therefore I recommend her most strongly, under the conviction that her rigorous thinking and powerful research capability will prove that she is a worthy member of your program.

Yours Sincerely

XXX xx

PH.D, Professor, Supervisor of Doctorate programs,
Institute of Building Environment and Equipment Engineering
Tsinghua University


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