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Study Plan
(For the Application of Visa )

Why I Must Go to the UK?

I have to go to the UK because my future and my career all depend on my studies there. Currently I have completed the first two years of a joint undergraduate program between the International College of Beijing Agricultural University and UK’s University of Luton, the officially recognized state-sponsored institution which appeared in the Guardian (May 2003) in 64th position out of 120 institutions and which, as a global university, has one-third of the students from outside the UK — almost double the national average for international recruitment to a British university. According to the pre-fixed schedule, I am supposed to complete my last year of the program at University of Luton, thereupon I will be awarded my bachelor degree. Now that I have completed the first two years of my studies in the specialty of Internet and E-Business Management in China with satisfactory results, it is all too natural for me to continue with the last phase of my undergraduate education in the UK. The past two years of study in China has cost me more than 50,000RMB in tuition alone, which is quite a big investment on the part of my family. It is only by completing the last year at Luton and obtaining my degree as scheduled will such an investment pay off. Therefore, it is by no means an exaggeration when I say that my future and my career depend vitally on the completion of my prospective education in the UK.

I am quite encouraged and excited about my prospective studies in the UK because in a recent talk (published in Beijing Youth Daily-June 21st, 2004) an official from the Cultural and Education Section of British Embassy in Beijing reiterated that Chinese students are welcomed in the UK and that British education has been very rewarding to Chinese students in general. During the recent visit to the UK by Chinese premier Wen Jiabo, it has been reaffirmed that the UK and China are to strengthen their educational and cultural exchanges. I believe that the joint undergraduate program between Beijing Agricultural University and University of Luton, of which I am a student, is part of the overall Sino-British educational exchanges that have been going on for so many years, which will produce a concrete and positive effect on my personal development in the future.

What I Can Accomplish at Luton?

Having laid a solid academic foundation through my first two years of studies here in China, I am pretty confident that my studies at Luton will add importantly to my academic buildup. Although I have studied the basic aspects of Internet and e-business in China, it is only in Luton that I will be educated systematically on this subject. The Luton programme, with its superbly designed curriculum, offers Level 1, Level 2 and Level three Core Modules, each module supplemented by Option Modules. I am most interested in such advanced courses as Direct and Database Marketing, Behaviour in Organizations, Business Research Methods, e-Project, Virtual Management, Internet Marketing Management, Electronic Commerce Law, Virtual Supply Chain Management, etc. Compared with the courses that I have learned in China, the courses offered by Luton is far more systematic and specialized. Although e-business is experiencing a low tide at present, there are signs that it will gather increasing momentum in the near future. I believe that Luton will help me appreciate the issues and challenges associated with conducting business via the internet and develop a deeper knowledge and understanding of the technology that facilitates e-business. When a new era of booming e-business arrives, I will just be in time to apply what I learn in the UK to my future career.

My Educational Goal

My short-term educational objective is to do a good job in my coursework at Luton. As e-business is an applied science, I would seek opportunities to participate in projects, workshops, and case studies to deepen my understanding of the knowledge. I will collect extensive data and consult technical literature in order to produce a well-written thesis. All those efforts are made with the ultimate view to obtaining my BSc degree and diploma. Beyond that, considering the fact that an undergraduate program is not sufficient to enable me to cope with the complicated and rapidly changing situations in the field of e-business, I will endeavor to pursue a Master’s program at a more prestigious university, hopefully one which is among the top 20. Such a Master’s program will allow me to have a truly in-depth command of the theoretical and practical aspects of e-business, which is bound to strengthen my competitive advantage on the Chinese labor market.

My Strengths

Compared with most Chinese students of my age group, I have been prepared for a British education at an earlier stage. From the very outset, during the programme I am attending, I have been studying in an English-speaking environment. We have had Chinese teachers who themselves pursued advanced degree programmes in the West. We have also had British teachers. In this academic climate, apart from improving my English through completing all my assignments(presentations, group projects, papers, etc) in English, I have developed western style of thinking and mode of action. I have also benefited from the interactive student-teacher relationship. I believe those pedagogical characteristics will be maintained and expanded in my prospective Luton education. Beyond that, I did internship at Shenzhen Baoan Fenda Industrial Co., Ltd during the summer vacation last year and I had practical experience of applying my knowledge of English, e-business, international trade and business management. Those will be two important assets that will contribute to my future academic success.

What will Bring me Back to China?

Immediately after completing my proposed study, either the undergraduate program or the postgraduate program, I will face the need of looking for a job and the place which will offer me the most promising career development will definitely be my priority. This obviously makes China my first priority because with its booming economy China promises me the greatest opportunity for career success. I know China well as my native country and business is most profitably carried on in a familiar environment. In addition, as the knowledge I will learn in the UK will be the most advanced and updated, it will have a comparative advantage only when I apply it in China, not elsewhere. If I do not return to China, those important advantages will be absolutely nonexistent. Most importantly, however, Shenzhen Baoan Fenda Industrial Co., Ltd. was so impressed with my performance during my internship there last year that they have readily agreed to recruit me upon my return to China. Since my future employment has been securely guaranteed, the only thing that I should do is to do my best to be successful in my study so that I can prove worthy of the expectation of this company. Financially, my family is quite well off compared with average Chinese families and what my parents wish to see is that their son receive the best education available in China and overseas, an education that may promote my future career development.



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