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Describe in not more than 2,000 words, your reasons for applying for the course you wish to follow and explain how it will help you with the work you expect to do on your return to your home country. You should include an outline of your intended profession, your ambitions and your career plan. Describe also, your most outstanding non-academic achievement involving other people where you demonstrated leadership potential (you may describe an extra curricular / sport / community / professional activity or an assignment).



                     Personal Statement

1. Describe in not more than 2,000 words, your reasons for applying for the course you wish to follow and explain how it will help you with the work you expect to do on your return to your home country.

With the potential aid from Chevening Scholarships Programme, I will be able to undertake management studies either through an MBA programme at UCL (an offer of acceptance has been obtained), or an MSc in Management at LSE. My choice of the management course is justifiably based on a number of compelling reasons.

Graduating as an English major from XXX University of Science and Technology and subsequently obtaining my LLB qualification through a full-time two-year programme in XXX at China XXX University, I found employment with PICC (The XX Insurance Company of China) Property and Casualty Co., Ltd, the largest non-life insurance company in entire Asia. With my strong English proficiency, I proved myself a fast and smart learner, rapidly assimilating the specialized knowledge and skills of insurance and demonstrating growing competence in executing increasingly complicated responsibilities at the International Cooperation Office. I have undergone steady promotions as a result of sustained professional excellence over the past 9 years, growing from a junior business manager into senior business manager. As backbone of my organization, I am expected to assume even more important leadership responsibilities in the near future amid the rapid expansion of China’s insurance industry and its widening international cooperation, particularly with the UK. Therefore, I have veritably come to the cross-section of my career progress where I need to develop a new platform from which to scale new heights.

Upon its accession to the WTO in 2001, China pledged to open its financial industry to international institutions and insurance is the first of a long line of industries to be opened. Now, after nearly a decade, insurance has become the key field for international cooperation. With their time-honored history, prestige and expertise, British insurance companies such as XXX, XXX, XXX, among many others, have dominated China’s international insurance collaboration and the total business volume in 2010 reached up to XXX pounds. PICC’s International Cooperation Office is the very bridge that has made much of the cooperation possible and promises to effect even more spectacular cooperation in the years to come. Naturally, as I assume higher-ranking positions, I am to play a pivotal role in promoting such cooperation.

Toward this objective, I need to seek improvement in the following areas. First, although I have accumulated considerable insurance knowledge and management experiences over past 9 years, they are not systematic and specialized, and are largely limited to the Chinese context. The Chevening Programme will place me into a formal, advanced academic programme, giving me the knowledge as understood in a western, hence, international context. To a person in charge of expanding international cooperation, this knowledge is absolutely vital.

The course content in a management programme will also be highly relevant to my future career. All MBA or MSc Management contains advanced courses on economics, finance (insurance), and management, which can completely make up for the knowledge deficiencies in my past educational background. The finance courses (Understanding Financial Principles, Business and the Global Context andTheory of Finance) will enhance my professionalism of knowledge in finance and insurance industry whereas the management courses (Personal Leadership and Careers, Analysis for Decision Making, , Strategic Marketing, Managing Operational Processes, Managing Your People, Strategy, Leading & Managing Change, Organization Behavior) will significantly enhance my leadership in organization governance and in strategic decision-making. They are are exactly geared to my learning needs.

Essentially, Sino-British insurance cooperation is part of a global financial movement and studying in the UK will give me the essential international experiences and perspectives I so sorely need. On the other hand, the programme I will study will be highly tied to the real-world—financial practitioners in the City of London will be invited to teach as guest speakers, exposing me to UK’s insurance and finance industry and helping me establish extensive potential working relations with various institutes. This will put me on a firm footing to identify more and more interested and qualified British companies for cooperation in the ever-expanding Chinese market. All those factors make me so anxious to become a Chevening scholar and to make the most out of my proposed studies in the UK, which I hope will help open a new chapter of Sino-British cooperation, which is the very mission of my career.

2.You should include an outline of your intended profession, your ambitions and your career plan.

I would like to discuss my future plans by highlighting the two high-level meetings I arranged in 20XX between PICC’s CEO XXX and Lloyd’s chairman Lord Peter Levene. At the Syndicate Summit between PICC and Lloyd’s held in Beijing on 18 May, Lord Peter Levene indicated the Syndicate members’ strong interest in China’s insurance market, as evidenced by the setting up of representative offices by individual members. Apart from conventional re-insurance businesses, Lloyd’s wished to significantly enhance direct insurance business in collaboration with PICC. On his part, Mr. XXX told Lord Peter Levene that PICC is strongly interested in cooperation with Lloyd’s in marine insurance, as China is to establish a marine insurance center in Shanghai and PICC is already a leader in China’s marine insurance market. On 1 September, Mr. XXX paid a visit to Lord Peter Levene in London, indicating that, with PICC’s extensive and stable network of client relationship and Lloyd’s high prestige in China, the two giant companies can offer first-rate insurance services in major catastrophe risks and special risks.

With sound personal relations with Lloyd’s representatives in Beijing, I maintain wonderful working relationships with Lloyd’s Beijing Office. Now that consensus has been reached by the top management of both PICC and Lloyd’s, my objective will be to implement the strategic plans. As senior business manager of PICC’s International Cooperation Office,   I will lead my team developing specific measures to ensure the successful implementation of the plans. I realize that I have a vital role to play in facilitating the successful Sino-British cooperation.

Through the Chevening Scholarship Programme, I wish to seek personal improvement as well as the development of the team that I lead. As UK is the top priority for PICC’s international cooperation, it is most fitting for me to receive systematic education in the UK, not only for academic reasons for also for knowing the UK as a country—its history, culture, people, and the financial industry. I have been to UK on business for a couple of times, but I need to expand my networking with the insurance community in the UK, gain in-depth understanding of the laws and regulations and the latest developments. I also need to broaden my international vision, improve my strategic thinking, seek innovative solutions to the problems in the Sino-British cooperation, and promote PICC’s top management and individual departments to come into closer partnership with their British counterparts. As I enhance my leadership skills and take up more important leadership positions, I expect to lead increasingly important cooperative projects and serve as an effective bridge for expanding Sino-British cooperation both in depth and in breadth.

As an emerging market with unlimited potential for insurance business, China needs to develop a large number of insurance professionals to meet the needs of growing international cooperation. Within the next five years I expect to become the director of my present organization. While improving the governance of my organization, I hope to launch major overseas training programmes that will allow senior managers and mid-level talents to receive professional trainings in Europe and in the UK so that they can receive professional qualification authentications like those provided by CII, the Chartered Insurance Institute in the UK. The development of those top-notch managers and professionals will in turn promote PICC’s international cooperation with the UK, opening new businesses in such areas of technology, product pricing, risk management in re-insurance, liability insurance, pension insurance, etc.

Operating business in China over past 3 decades, Lloyld’s has established its sole overseas branch company in Shanghai. Within next 5 to 10 years, I hope to enhance my role at PICC as leader of international cooperation, capable of developing policies and strategies, and work together with Lloyld’s in providing insurance for large risk projects in aerospace, petroleum, nuclear energy, and hydroelectric power. Thus, Lloyd’s will enjoy a firm and unparalleled position in China’s market and I would be proud of my pivotal role in promoting the development of the Sino-British insurance industries.

3. Describe also,?your most outstanding non-academic achievement involving other people where you demonstrated leadership potential (you may describe an extra curricular/sport/community/professional activity or an assignment). s

In this age of rapid changes and increasing challenges, only a leader capable of vision and actions can promote organizational growth. Both at university and in my career, I have been developing key leadership qualities that would help m assume increasingly important responsibilities.

At university, I was elected class president through a democratic process and as such I advocated “Mutual Care & Help” in class governance to seek common progress of all the students. One of such initiatives was the creation of a “Mutual Fund” to financially assist several students from distressed families. The fund operated well throughout the 4-year undergraduate programme, ensuring the successful completion by those students of their degree programmes and obtaining their degrees. In addition, I served as head of the English Arts Troupe of our College for two years, organizing performances of English plays and singing competitions, making the troupe an ideal platform for students to practice and improve English and to add important diversity to campus culture. For my outstanding contributions, I was consecutively awarded university scholarships, reaching the pinnacle of my achievements as the Outstanding Graduate of the University for the Year 20XX.

As I entered PICC, I have been making consistent efforts to cultivate leadership qualities in order to prepare for assuming increasingly important leadership positions. PICC was the insurance cooperation partner of both 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and 2010 Shanghai Expo and I led a team in providing services for those two major events. At Shanghai Expo, PICC created an independent pavilion, the first insurance pavilion in the entire history of the World Expo. While enhancing the general public’s understanding about insurance, I provided reception to VIP clients, government officials and international guests, including officials from British consulate in Shanghai. We made extensive contacts with many other pavilions in order to maximize the number of visitors to our pavilion and to expand our influence. With innovative solutions to many challenging problems, I brought our missions to complete success.

Over the past few years, I have been responsible for organizing international conferences and collaborative projects, ranging from Tripartite Business Cooperation Among Samsung Fire, Tokyo Marine and PICC, Insurance Seminar for Olympic Games (20XX), 20XX Conference of International Union of Aerospace Insurers, PICC’s Strategic Cooperation with AIG in Accidental Insurance Business to 20XX Syndicate Summit Between PICC and Lloyd’s.

With demonstrated professional achievements and leadership potential, I have received constant promotions, becoming senior business manager of PICC’s International Cooperation Office in 20XX. With this promotion, I have been exposed to increasingly demanding challenges and I have making utmost endeavors to hone my managerial expertise. I have been reading serial books by distinguished management masters like Peter Drucker and deriving infinite inspirations from their acumens. I would reflect on and evaluate my daily performances according to the criteria as prescribed by the masters so as to pursue continuous improvement and excellence. I also attach great importance to teamwork, managing the team democratically and involving members in synergy by allowing them to bring their individual initiatives into full play. In addition, I have often accompanied PICC’s top officials in meeting their leading international counterparts and I have always made conscious attempts to learn first-tier leadership qualities from my role models.

In applying for the Chevening Programme, I have watched, repeatedly, the video clips of 25 successful Chevening scholars in commemoration of the 25th anniversary of the Chevening programme. Their success stories about their exercising effective leadership in promoting organizational growth have been most inspiring. I am determined to follow their footsteps and, through your programme, arrive at a higher vantage point to become a high-achieving leader capable of new contributions to the development of China’s insurance industry and to its heightened cooperation with our British counterparts.






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