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职业推荐信/Academic Reference范例

1. Describe the capacity in which you knew the applicant:

I would like to offer my utmost support to Ms. XXX in her present application for Chevening Scholarships Programme for China, which will allow her to embark on a first-rate Master’s programme in the UK, with which our organization has close commercial ties. As director of XXX’s International Cooperation Office, I got to know Ms. XXX when she joined our organization in 20XX. Over the past 9 years, Ms. XXX has remained accountable to me and, with my full knowledge about her professional performance and personal qualities, I am in a best position to recommend her for your favorable consideration of her application.

2. Is the applicant still with your organization? Yes/No. If not, when did he/she leave?

The applicant is still with our organization where she has been playing an increasingly important role in our organizational growth.

3. Please detail any personal circumstances which might affect the applicant’s performance on an intensive and demanding programme.

Over her past career, Ms. XXX has been assigned to implement many important projects, many of which have involved the presence of top-level officials. There were very high requirements for those events, which must be free from even the slightest mistakes. Ms. XXX proved her superb ability to control the overall situation and to deal with emergency problems flexibly. For example, in the intensive and demanding situations of providing receptions to VIP visitors to our Pavilion during the Shanghai Expo last year, she had to deal with complication coordination of VIPs’ schedules, liaising with other pavilions to attract more visitors to increase our pavilion’s influence, providing logistics and material supplies, etc. She succeeded in withstanding tremendous pressure and had the presence of mind to solve all problems through effective communication and correct decision making. She displayed impressive mental power and practical skills. Therefore, she would have no personal circumstances whatsoever that might prevent her from achieving outstanding performance on an intensive and demanding programme.

4.Describe the applicant’s strengths and weaknesses.

For the applicant’s strengths, I would particularly like to call your attention to her performance since she became senior business manager of our office. She has made rapid progress and demonstrated effective leadership, completing all the tasks assigned to her with satisfactory outcomes. With motivation and initiative, at our monthly sessions, she not only discloses all the inherent problems in our work but also actively searches for solutions. Her problem-shooting and solution proposals have always kept me well-informed of the progression of the work. She is also good at bringing the potential of her team members into full play. Before initiating any important project, she would have full communication with group members and patiently listening to their ideas. With a strong sense of responsibility, she manages to complete every project to the best of its effect. Due to her demonstrated achievements and experiences, she has been repeatedly given the most important responsibilities to perform, such as providing VIP services during the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, strategic cooperative projects with Lloyd’s, and many international exchanges projects. On account of her contributions, she has received high recognitions by the top management for a number of times. Never contented with the achievements made, Ms. XXX always seeks further progress. One of her recent innovative accomplishments was the development of a internal Internet platform which allowed our office to share all the information with PICC headquarters, subsidiaries and branch offices all across the country. The platform consisted of a number of modules—International Finance and Insurance Market Dynamics, Contact Information of International Financial Institutes Based in China, Overseas Visits and Trainings, English Technical Vocabulary, etc—which realized the optimum exploitation of information for international collaborations. The result is that we have significantly enhanced our standards of serving international corporations and considerably raise our working efficiency. There are many other commendable qualities about Ms. XXX—the readiness to take responsibilities, modesty in letting her colleagues to enjoy good opportunities. With her sociable and amicable personality, she gets along very well with all those who work together with her and maintains wonderful relations with customers and staff of representative offices by international companies in China. She has a versatility of talents, taking part in sports events and art performances on various occasions organized by our company, contributing to the creation of team spirit of group cohesion. Our company is undergoing both rapid development and important transformation where we need to assimilate valuable experiences from our international counterparts so that we can reshuffle our corporate structure and upgrade our human resource to meet the changes of the market. On the other hand, faced with increasingly fierce competitions, our company needs to improve its risk management and capital management to enhance payment and profit-making abilities. For this, Ms. XXX needs to increase her knowledge about the international market and about our international counterparts so as to propose strategy objectives for corporate restructuring, business pattern optimization and overseas expansion. Ms. XXX has talked to me for a number of times concerning those of her weaknesses and indicated her determination to make necessary improvements through a systematic education in the UK. For this, I would like to give her my fullest support.

5. Please comment on any task, project or other situation in which the applicant has been involved which may demonstrate his or her potential a manager or a responsible team member?

In many cases, Ms. XXX has played an outstanding role both as a manager and team player. At one point, Ms. XXX was involved in a collaborative project between PICC and AIG on Accidental Insurance and Short-term Health Insurance. With her full participation in market analysis, product development, project implementation, and project assessment, she served as the key coordinator of the project managers of the two companies. In conducting market analysis, she brought AIG people to PICC’s subsidiaries across the country to understand the market demands. In the product development stage, she was involved in regular discussion sessions of the project managers and the overseas training of technical personnel and closely followed the project progress. When the project was implemented on an initial trial basis, she collected the feedback both from PICC’s employees who sold those insurance products and from the customers, and provided the project team with the feedback so as to improve the products. In addition, her immediate superior had to leave for a holiday for giving birth to a child and Ms. XXX was made responsible for managing her division. By making quick adaptations, she soon proved competent with her new role. She overcame many difficulties, worked with ingenuity, properly distributing her time and energy to different tasks, and performed her duties successfully. So far, she has been involved in the project for 3 years and the experiences she has accumulated are most useful to the international cooperation on the rural cooperative medical insurance which PICC is currently trying to promote. Her contributions have been duly recognized by the top management of both PICC and AIG.

6. Please comment on the rankings you have given and on any other factors which you believe should be drawn to the attention of the British Embassy Selection Committee in assessing the suitability of this candidate for the British Chevening Scholarships Programme for China.

PICC has always attached great importance to the value of Chevening scholars, whom would be given priority when selecting candidates to be promoted to leadership positions. Facts heretofore have also proved that those personnel who have been Chevening scholars, with their expanded knowledge and professional caliber through a one-year programme, are much more competent in their jobs, and grow into backbones of individual departments. The International Cooperation Office, where Ms. XXX works, is directly responsible for developing strategies and implementing specific projects for PICC’s international collaboration and making proposals to the top management, hence our employees must be fully acquainted with the international market so that they can look at issues from a higher vantage point and solve problems from a more comprehensive viewpoint. Since setting up its Representative Office in London in 1986, PICC has been maintaining increasingly close ties with the British insurance community. In the two high-ranking meetings between PICC’s CEO and Lloyd’s chairman last year, they have further reaffirmed the need to expand the UK’s role in China’s insurance industry and Ms. XXX and her colleagues have been instructed to comprehensively deepen the Sino-UK cooperation in the exchanges between high-ranking officials, in opening new areas of business, in capital and personnel training. We have high expectations of Ms. XXX and we sincerely hope that she can make full use of this golden opportunity to improve her administrative and managerial skills so that she can better serve PICC’s strategic objectives of international cooperation and development, which is a crucial part of the overall Sino-UK economic exchanges. In this regard, we would very much appreciate the contributions that Chevening Scholarships Programme can make.



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